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    Blast Nozzles


    Consideration must be given when choosing the correct type of nozzle for the blasting process. The use of the correct Blast Nozzle is essential for efficient blasting.

    Straight bore nozzles give a narrow concentrated blast pattern for spot blasting. Standard nozzles utilise a venturi bore to create a wide blast pattern and increase abrasive velocity as much as 100% for a given pressure.

    A large bore nozzle will allow high production rates if the volume and pressure of the air supply from the compressor is large enough. Blasting efficiency will reduce if the nozzle bore does not match the compressor output. If the media does not leave the nozzle at a high enough velocity then the results will be more wasted abrasive and slower production rates.

    As the nozzle wears the air requirements will increase and if the air supply is not sufficient then pressure will drop and blasting efficiency will reduce.



    Baron Alloy

    The lowest cost venture nozzle designed with budget in mind. Ideal for contractors using expendable abrasives. Requires the use of an LR1 Retainer to clamp the nozzle into the Nozzle Holder. Also available in a side outlet version.

    Tungsten Carbide

    Tungsten carbide nozzles are ideally suited for chilled iron abrasive applications with boron carbide being offered on hard abrasive applications such as aluminium oxide. A hard material nozzle offers extended life and cost savings on most applications

    Silicon Carbide

    The highest performance silicone nitride venturi nozzles are designed to potentially give many advantages over alternative materials. They can offer service life and durability similar to tungsten carbide, typically 20 times more wear resistant than boron alloy, are only about half the weight of tungsten carbide

    Air Consumption in CFM for Blast Nozzle Size

    Pressure at Nozzle / Nozzle Bore 50psi 80psi 100psi 140psi
    1/4" Nozzle (No. 4) 57 84 103 136
    5/16" Nozzle (No. 5) 89 131 158 214
    3/8" Nozzle (No. 6) 129 189 229 309
    1/2" Nozzle (No. 8) 229 336 407 549
    Relative Efficiency 47% 74% 100% 165%




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