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ES-430 FR PFP System

  • ES-430 FR PFP System
    ES-430 FR PFP System ES-430 FR PFP System ES-430 FR PFP System ES-430 FR PFP System ES-430 FR PFP System

    The ES430 can be Cart or Skid Mounted Heated Airless Spray System suitable for the application All Major Solvent Free Plural Component Intumescent (PFP) Fireproofing Epoxies. The system is a compact unit built around supplying a complete proportioning system for the accurate mixing and application of PFP materials. The ES430 system is compact and simple to use being most suited to medium and large sized applications. The system is capable of spraying at high pressure and giving delivery rates of 12 litres/min and up to 90mtrs of hose bundles can be used with the system. 

    1 ES-430 Metering System complete with 430 Air Motor and Fixed Ratio proportioning system standard configuration by volume as required. Air supply with solenoid air operated regulator/lubricator distribution manifold. 
    2 21:1 Feed Pumps, dual action ram mounted c/w follower plate assemblies, air bleed valve, bucket blow off valve, pump air regulator and air shutoff valve.
    1 30:1 Stainless Steel Flushing Pump c/w air reg, pressure gauge air shutoff valve, suction hose and High-pressure outlet shutoff valve. 
    3 Hot Water recirculation pump with air regulator, pressure gauge air shutoff valve and water shutoff valve.
    2 15" (84 ltr)Stainless Steel Material Holding Tanks c/w Heavy-Duty Agitator,insulation and protective covers, High/Low level auto feed and shut off material sensor, air regulator, pressure gauge, outlet material thermometer, and material shutoff valve.
    3 High Pressure In-Line material heaters 4KW each, (2 Base/1 Activator) thermostatically controlled, c/w high-pressure outlet thermometers.
    3 Stainless Steel water recirculation/flush tank with thermostatically controlled heating, insulation, protective cover and supply water hose connection. 
    1 High Pressure Outlet Manifold with base and activator feed and return valves, material isolation valves, high pressure 0-8000 P.S.I. Pressure gauges, hot water recirculation valves, and hot water/solvent flushing valve. 
    1 Electrical Control Panel with circuit breakers for each separate electrical component on the unit. 440Volt 32amp supply. 
    1 Pneumatic Control Panel comprising System Shutdown and Rest Controls with integral pneumatic pressure switches to high pressure A & B component lines are installed to automatically shut down the system in the event of over-pressure of A & B materials.
    1 15 Mtr Hose Bundle c/w Material Supply hoses, water heating hoses and flush supply hose fully insulated.
    1 Remote Mixer Block Assembly c/w material on/off valves, flush valves, ratio sampling valves and material check valves. 5 Mtr ½” Whip Hose paint line and ¾ “Stainless Steel mixer tube and mixer blade.
    1 High Volume Heavy Duty ES PFPG Airless spray gun c/w swivel, spray tip and holder.
    1 Standard spares package.
    1 Daily maintenance checks manuals.
    1 Full set of breakdown and service manuals.


    ES430 FR PFP Specification

    Mixing Ratio Pressure Ratio Pump Designation    Volume per Cycle
    Delivery at 20 Cycles
    Delivery at 20 Cycles
    (US Gal/min)
    2.33:1 67.8:1 T180-T155-T180                   0.514 10.28 2.72
    2:1 64.6:1 T180-T180-T180                          0.539 10.779 2.85
    1:1 79:1 T220-T220              0.441 8.813 2.33
    2.5:1 69.2:1 T180-T145-T180                0.504 10.085 2.66



    Different pump configurations are available if required to give other ratios and output rates. Metering Pump Lowers are easily changed. (However this will slightly alter the delivery and pressure rates on the table above.)


    ES430 Fixed Ratio P.F.P. System Technical Information

    Category ES430 Data
    Maximum air input Pressure 9 bar (130 psi)
    Operating pressure range 0.7 – 9 bar (10 – 130psi)
    Maximum recommended speed        20 cycles per min
    Operating temperature -5 to 65°c (23 to 150°f)
    Air motor piston effective area 1452 cm2 (225in2)
    Air motor piston diameter 430 mm (16.93”)
    Stroke length 120 mm (4.75”)
    Air inlet size 1 ” BSPP
    Weight Approx. 50kg (110lb)


    Height: 1.9 Mtrs (75”)
    Width: 1.22 Mtrs (48”)
    Length: 2.4 Mtrs (94”)
    System Weight:    1400 Kgs (3,080 Lbs)


    System Requirements

    Electrical Requirements:                    400/415 volts, 3 Phase, Neutral + Earth, 5 pin 32Amp 40 KW supply                  
    Air Supply: 300 CFM @ 110 Psi



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