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ES300 VR System

  • ES300 VR System

    The ES300VR machine has been specifically designed for the application of materials which require to mix a large volume of base and a small volume of catalyst materials in a common solution prior to spraying. The most popular of these materials are Polyester and Vinylester systems, either with or without Glass Flake fillers.

    This machine has become the standard tool for the application of glass flake filled materials in the offshore industry, due to its ability to deliver large volumes of material through extremely long hoses in the most difficult conditions, maintaining airless spraying characteristics to the benefit of the contractor, with minimal waste.

    Principle of Mixing

    The ES300VR machine mixes the catalyst internally in a specially developed mix manifold. The base and catalyst materials are pumped separately by two connected cylinders and delivered through two separate hoses, until they are mixed prior to airless spraying in the normal manner. The mixing ratio is mechanically fixed by a unique yoke system. Mixing ratios from 1.25% (Approx. 80:1) to 3% (Approx. 33:1) can be achieved.

    Two or Three Component

    The machine can be used with three component materials.An accelerator may be mixed with the base component prior to spraying to reduce curing time. This is then pumped in the normal manner, to be mixed with the catalyst prior to spraying.


    • High Volume 77:1 ratio pump, max. pressure 7,000 psi.
    • 30:1 Solvent Flushing Pump
    • Hose length in 15m sections up to 90m
    • Completely Air Powered, no electrical connections (unless In-Line Heater is required
    • Quiet Air Motor 
    • Cart mounted for ease of manoeuvrability




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